Double Rainbow. Photo by: Ceilidh Divers

Double Rainbow. Photo by: Ceilidh Divers

I've been contemplating this post for what feels like months. I get very nostalgic and lost in thought when I do. So much has changed in 10 years! Some things, I'm more than happy to never relive again, like 30 hour works days. YIKES. And others, I hope to never forget, like all the lovely friends we've made. Okay, if I'm being honest here.... I'm also done with being referred to as the new owners. I think we can move past that now :)


2005 days before leaving Kelowna on our 10 year adventure

We Not Only Survived But Thrived!

While I (Jennie) might be writing this post, I know, I speak for Jason too. I really don't know many couples who could have survived what we have. We were just babies when we bought Barb's. Married less than a year and desperate for change! It wasn't just the long days or barely enough money to pay our rent that could have torn us apart. Add in a Little Sprinkle of "Let's start a Family!" without a network of support and a Big Dollop of managing 20+ different personalities at all times. Now that's stress! We are lucky, in that we compliment each other. One is Yin to the Yang. When one of us is down without fail the other will do whatever they can to support and lift the other up. We are a team, that's now become a family. A family that I love dearly and can't imagine a life without. It's still a daily struggle for balance, one that I'm certain we will never truly obtain. But who ever does!

A Barb's Family

To me the best part of Barb's is the people. Sure, the coffee is awesome and the food is great but, it's the people that make it special. Our guests who come in, day in and day out, have become our friends. Our staff past and present have become our family. The constant chatter/sounds of Barb's can be deafening, I know. But it's so eerie when it's not there. To me it's life, it's community and it's love. Without it, it wouldn't be Barb's. 

Photo credit: Melinda Divers Photography

Help Us Celebrate 10 years!

We need to thank our Family's, Biological and Cultivated for all your love and support over the years. But, we also want to thank our guests. If you're around town today, stop in and say Hi! Have a hot drink on us! All our Coffee/Tea and Espresso Drinks are on the house! 

Thank You Salt Spring. We Love You,

Jennie & Jason